I am Stephanie
Facebook Fanatic
What i do?
Stephanie Says

Facebook Fanatic

Lee Anne Wilde is our Facebook Captain!
Photo coming soon!


Twitter Specialist – Donna Warwick

If you love twittering, this one’s for you!


Instagram Gal

This could be you – don’t miss a great opportunity.


Youtube Dude

People LOVE videos! Interviews of new members and why they joined the team could be interesting? Team captains in their T-Shirts & caps explaining what they do – Yes!!!


PR Specialist

If you can get our story out in magazines, newspapers and other publications, PLEASE get in touch and let’s blow this thing up so more people can join in the fun. We want to be on Oprah! 🙂 And the Ellen Degeneres show!!!


Influencer Outreacher

Once we get going, we want to see how far we can go. So, if influencers can get us there faster, we’ll take a look and see what we need to do to make it happen. What about guest spots on Podcasts? We need to share our story!


Data Czar

We need someone that loves spreadsheets! We need to track what other teams do month-to-month, average donations between us and other teams, how many new members we’re adding each month, how much we’re loaning and ALL THAT LOVELY DATA needs to be collated and available for easy analysis for our monthly meetings and for the website and, of particular importance, are we on track to hit $100M USD in loans by 2025!!!!!


Member Communcations

This person will regularly remind members to loan out their repaid loans just after the 17th. They’ll possibly highlight some worthy loans. They will communicate team results and stats to generate excitement for the cause. Recommend $25 p/mth auto-pay, etc.



This person LOVES writing! Write regular blog posts on the website. Link to images, new members, interesting stories, our YouTube videos, etc.


Ambassador Captain

Design and implement our team ambassador program!


Fund Raiser

Reach out to companies & let’s get more money to loan out on Kiva. Either through the Bring Hope to the World charity or through Kiva & associated with our team.

What we need from team captains

- Passion! Enthusiasm for the cause. To be actively involved. Engage and encourage.

- We have a monthly skype or zoom web conference to:

- Brainstorm & share ideas, review our lending and new member stats, come up with new ideas and to get to know each other.

- It’s an hour-long call at a time suitable to all captains.

Team captain benefits

Be immediately recognized as one of the coolest people around! :)

Once we have our T-Shirts & Caps designed you will get one of each mailed to you! AT NO COST TO YOU! :)

A fun photo of you in your new T-Shirt will be added to the new website!

You will be working with GREAT people doing something incredibly worthwhile

You will be so energized each day with your new mission that you won't stop smiling ALL DAY LONG!

People will sense your new sense of direction and will want to be with this NEW YOU.



    Please make it known if you're interested in any of the positions listed above. Or refer us to someone you think would be great for a certain position. Provide supporting information for the position you're interested in so that we can ensure it's a good fit. Include a Skype or WhatsApp handle. And if there's another position you can think of, let us know. Tks!