Seven steps

How You can help: Do The 7 steps !


Play "Stronger"

Play Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” to get yourself in the right frame of mind!


Lend $25

Lend $25 on Kiva and associate it with the Bring Hope to the World team.


Order T-Shirt & cap

Order yourself a T-Shirt & Cap or Visor to show your support and to help grow our visibility.


Do The Selfie Post!

When your T-Shirt & Cap or Visor arrives, do the Selfie Post, making sure to hold up your forefinger which symbolizes our mission to grow to a million members. Also do a 30-second selfie video : “My name is Tara and I come from Houston. I joined the Bring Hope to the World team because … [add in your reason]. Post both the photo & the 30-second video to all the social media you belong to.


Ask YOur BF to Join You!

Ask your BFF to join you – there’s nothing like being part of a great challenge and being able to share the journey with a great friend.


On The 17th

On the 17th of each month, when your loans get repaid, lend the money out again!!!

join our team

Don’t sit on the sidelines. Get in the game! Join our team TODAY and start making a difference in the world. Be the change you want to see. Okay… that’s maybe one too many clichés!!! But, you get the message. It’s just $25 to make your first loan and it gets paid back! So, where’s the risk?!